Monday, 3 January 2011

i hate this 128

I don't like this project. I want to quit. My photos everyday aren't even that good. This is stupid. All I am doing is getting out my camera and taking whatever it closest to me. It's not helping me at all... help!!!


Allie said...

Oh! Don't give up! Just don't! At least try to go a little longer! If you can get that ten dollars then you can get a DSLR and then it will be really fun to take pictures! Don't give up!

May Amelia said...

Deep breath... in... and out... ;) I think you're doing a fantastic job even if you do not. But, if you really despise this and it is feeling more like work than fun, do what you think is best. I've really enjoyed the journey thus far!

Hannah said...

I think you are doing a wonderful job. I know doing a project like this can be lots of work and gets frustrating at times, and truly I think you've done really great - look how far you've gone! But like May Amelia said, do whatever you think is best.


Libby said...

YOU are doing a wonderful job your photography is amazing!
(and love you lately is an amazing song:)